Vittorio Parma

Vittorio Parma

Vittorio Parma is a senior applied physicist at CERN, which he joined in 1995 to work on the design and construction of the superconducting accelerator magnets for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

He is presently a member of the Radiofrequency group (SY-RF), where he leads the development of the SRF cryomodule systems for the Future Circular Collider (FCC).

Vittorio holds a Master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the Politecnico di Milano (Italy). Before joining CERN, he worked at the European Space Agency (ESA-ESTEC) in the Netherlands.

For over 15 years Vittorio has led the Cryostats for Superconducting Magnets section at CERN, a unit of around 20 members of the personnel, and he has managed industrial contracts worth several tens of MCHF for the LHC construction. As an expert in the domain of accelerators and cryogenic engineering, he regularly sits on technical and managerial review panels for large international projects, such as ITER, ILC and CEPC. He is also active in training and outreach activities both at and outside CERN.

Vittorio was an elected member of CERN's Senior Staff Advisory Committee to the Director-General ("The Nine") in 2016-17 and was its spokesperson in 2018. Since 2021 he has been an elected member of CERN’s Staff Association Council.  




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