Surviving spouse's pension

On the death of a member, a surviving spouse’s pension is payable if the marriage lasted for at least one year (unless you have at least one dependent child, in which case this condition does not apply).

The pension is payable from the first day following the member’s death and until the death/remarriage of the spouse.


The pension is equal to 1.1% of the final reference salary per year of membership that you would have had at your applicable retirement age (regardless of the contract duration).

If the death is due to an occupational accident/illness, the number of years taken into account is the applicable maximum period (e.g. 35 years or 37 years and 10 months). An allowance, called a “fixed sum”, is added to the amount above.

The total amount of the pension for a surviving spouse cannot exceed your final basic salary.

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Benefits are paid monthly in Swiss francs into a personal bank account in Switzerland between 6 and 8 of the month.