Benefits Service of the Pension Fund - information

Following CERN's measures and recommendations in relation to the coronavirus COVID-19 situation, in order to protect the health of all CERN’s personnel, contractors, visitors and beneficiaries, the Organisation has taken the decision to limit activities on-site to those essential for the safety and security of the site and equipment. The Benefits Service will still endeavour to respond to any queries by email or telephone. Please accept our sincere apologies for any delay and thank you for your patience and understanding.


The purpose of the Fund is to insure its members and beneficiaries as well as the members of their families against the economic consequences of disability, old age and death.

As an international organisation, CERN has created its own social security system, including a pension scheme, the CERN Pension Fund. The Fund, which is a defined-benefit scheme, is an integral part of CERN.


A member of the Fund is an employed member of the CERN personnel with a contract of at least six months, or a member of the ESO personnel admitted to the Fund in accordance with the CERN/ESO Agreement.


A beneficiary is a person receiving a benefit, with the exception of a transfer value, from the Fund, in application of the Rules.

A deferred retirement pension is a benefit.

About the Fund

Formed in 1955, the Fund has around 3 700 members and is responsible for paying the pensions of around 3 600 beneficiaries based in 48 countries worldwide.