Ex-spouse benefits

An ex-spouse is entitled to a surviving spouse’s pension from the first day following the members’ death and until their own death/remarriage only if:

  • the marriage lasted 10 years or more;


  • at the time of death, the deceased was under an obligation to pay maintenance to the ex-spouse;


  • the ex-spouse is 45 years of age or more at the time of the member’s death (not applicable if the ex-spouse is legally responsible of at least one child of the decease);


  • the ex-spouse has not remarried.

The amount is equal to the maintenance due at the time of your death or, if lower, the amount of maintenance actually being paid. The total amount of the pension for the surviving spouse cannot exceed your final basic salary.


Benefits are paid monthly in Swiss francs into a personal bank account in Switzerland between 6 and 8 of the month.

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