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Information about the personal situation of members and beneficiaries

Every year, members and beneficiaries of the CERN Pension Fund receive documents concerning their entitlements.


Members receive by e-mail an annual individual statement. It indicates the projected value of the retirement pension as well as, where appropriate, the accumulated transfer value. It is sent out during August.


Beneficiaries receive three documents:

  • a Personal data form “life certificate”, in December
  • a Breakdown of their benefits, in January
  • a Statement for declaration of income, in February

In addition, a form concerning the continuation of studies is sent in June to orphans and also to beneficiaries having dependent children.

“Please note that CERN has a zero-tolerance approach towards fraud and attempted fraud, which also applies to its Pension Fund.

Further information regarding the Organization’s policies on integrity and fraud are available on the following links:

Integrity at CERN:

CERN Anti-Fraud Policy: