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In the interests of readability, the Rules and Regulations of the Pension Fund have been drafted using the masculine gender only. However, they apply to both men and women, except where it is clear from the context that they concern one sex or the other exclusively.

Rules of the Pension Fund
The Rules shall define the governance structure of the Fund and its relations with the Council and the Director-General of CERN, as well as the legal relationship between the Fund and its members and beneficiaries, including the rights and obligations of the members and beneficiaries.
The Rules shall be approved by the Council.
The Rules shall also be applicable to ESO and those members of its staff admitted to the Fund in accordance with the CERN/ESO Agreement.
The Rules of the Fund shall be construed having regard to the CERN Staff Rules and Regulations in force.

“Please note that CERN has a zero-tolerance approach towards fraud and attempted fraud, which also applies to its Pension Fund.

Further information regarding the Organization’s policies on integrity and fraud are available on the following links:

Integrity at CERN:

CERN Anti-Fraud Policy: